Emergency Dentistry in Portland, OR

Dental emergencies can happen to anyone. When they do occur, you need a dental practice that knows how to offer the timely intervention you need to navigate this unpredictable event. Laurelhurst Dentistry provides emergency dental services to residents of Portland, OR. We are firmly and fully committed to being there for you when you need a dental professional who genuinely cares about your oral and overall well-being.

Whether you’ve sustained tooth damage as a result of a sporting injury or other accident, or have a debilitating toothache at the most inconvenient of times, we want you to know we are here for you. Call us right now if you’d like to experience superior and excellent care in a safe, comfortable, and welcoming dental practice.

Our emergency dentistry in Portland, OR has helped hundreds of clients to overcome dental emergencies, complete with smiles on their faces.

Emergency Dental Treatments

Dental emergencies come in different forms. They include fractured teeth, gum inflammation, tooth luxation (loosening of a tooth), inflammation of a partially erupted tooth, and knocked out teeth, among others.

The type of urgent dental treatment that you require depends on the dental emergency at hand. When you come into our dental practice, our main priority is to ensure that you’re free of pain. Once we have controlled the pain, we move to the next step of providing the treatment you require to prevent tooth loss, among other issues.

Tips for Handling a Dental Emergency

The actions you take soon after sustaining a dental emergency are critical. Our dentist in Portland, OR advises you to remember the following essential tips in the event of a dental emergency:

  • If you’ve knocked out a permanent tooth, keep it moist to prevent it from dying. You can do this by placing it back in the tooth socket without touching the root. Alternatively, put it in milk. Then, get to our dental practice immediately.
  • If you’ve cracked your tooth, rinse your mouth immediately with warm water and use a cold compress to keep any facial swelling down.
  • For severe toothaches, rinse out your mouth with warm water. You may use a warm compress to manage some of the pain. Take an over-the-counter painkiller to alleviate the pain. Some people think placing an aspirin over the aching tooth will help with the pain. Applying aspirin on your tooth is wrong and could cause burns to your gum tissue.
  • Don’t postpone seeking help for a dental emergency, even if your first aid measures seem to offer some bit of relief. Dental emergencies must be handled by a dental professional.

Are you dealing with a dental emergency and are looking for dental practices offering emergency dentistry near you? Come to Laurelhurst Dentistry today to receive the care that you need.

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