Dr. Valerie Truhan

Dr. Valerie Truhan


Dr. Truhan grew up in Baltimore, MD, and earned her Bachelor’s degree in economics before pivoting to dentistry and ultimately moving to the West Coast. Since establishing a life in Portland, she has developed West Coast skills such as smiling at strangers, and patiently standing in line for brunch!

As a graduate of Oregon Health and Sciences University dental school, Dr. Truhan has always taken to heart the importance of comprehensive care, and high clinical standards. Further, she enjoys a variety of continuing education courses, and brings evidence-based dentistry into her treatment planning on an individual level. She is known by her colleagues as someone who is always working to improve and make the patient experience as pleasant as possible.

When not in the office, Dr. Truhan’s ideal day is spent with coffee, her family, and speedily wrapping up her latest to-do list.

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