Link Between Heart Disease and Oral Care

Feb 03, 2020

Posted by Laurelhurst Dentistry

Yes your mouth is small but it plays a giant role in your overall health. In fact did you know that your oral health is an indicator of your overall well-being? Your mouth is full of bacteria, which in most cases is usually harmless, however people who suffer from periodontics disease will recognize that their oral health is an indicator of other body issues. It is important to practice routine oral health care.

People who do not take care of their teeth may not realize they might have other health issues as well. Poor oral health can show in other ways. Poor oral health care which is often linked to many more serious health problems and illnesses is a factor for other diseases.

Cardiovascular issues

Recent research shows that there is a link between heart disease and oral care this is because bacteria is found in the mouth of patients who do have gum disease. Your gums can have swollen gums that will bleed and this releases bacteria into the bloodstream that will hurt and hinder your heart.


Patients who have diabetes also have lower immune system functions, this can put gums that are inflamed or infected at risk because the infection will develop and lead to weakening of the bones around your mouth, which will lead to infections and even tooth loss.

There are certain aspects of taking care of your teeth that have been linked to many other illnesses, but it’s possible to take care of your teeth and avoid other problems.

Taking care of your teeth is a priority and when you do it, it shows. People who have a healthy smile often smile more, and have more confidence. They also generally take better care of the rest of their health. Make sure you’re brushing and flossing daily and visit the dentist regularly.

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