How Much Time Does It Take to Feel NormalAfter Sealants?

Mar 01, 2023

Although toothbrushes have too wide bristles, they cannot reach the nook and corner of the mouth. Therefore, the best solution for this problem is to get dental sealants. The dentist applies dental sealants to the mouth of the kid as soon as the permanent back teeth are grown completely.

The American Academic of Pediatrics Dentistry advises dental sealants to minimize the risk of decay in kids. The chewy area of molar teeth has crevices and pits that are hard to clean with flossing and brushing. It makes the bacteria accumulate in that tooth and ultimately results in decay.

When you fail to treat cavities for longer, they ultimately lead to tooth loss or require complex dental treatments like a root canal later on. That is why it is vital to receive preventive dentistry as soon as possible.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Sealants act as raincoats for teeth. They are manufactured using plastic or other protective material. This special material is either clear or white. Sealants shield teeth from the destructive bacteria that can result in cavities. The professional will mold the dental sealant to the tops of teeth with deep pits or grooves.

How Much Time Will It Take for the Sealant to Feel Normal?

After getting a sealant, patients usually experience a bit of discomfort or sensitivity. After some time, it will clear and the patient will start feeling normal. But, if your discomfort stays for a long time, immediately call the emergency dentist near you.

Dental Sealant Application

Applying sealants is a simple and fast process. Moreover, you need just a single visit to the dental office. If you want to know the dentist applies the sealant to the tooth, read below:

  • Firstly, the dentist will clean the tooth thoroughly using a rotating brush or polish. Then, he/she will wash it using water.
  • Next, the expert will make sure the tooth is dry.
  • Now, the professional will use an acidic solution to ensure the sealant material holds onto the tooth safely.
  • After the solution dries, the dentist will use a sealant in liquid form and place it over the top of the tooth.
  • Next, he/she uses a special light to ensure the dental sealant sets in its place.
  • If the expert uses a two-part dental sealer, it sets in its place without requiring extra curing. Usually, it takes one or two days for the sealer to form the tooth shape.
  • After the placement, you can eat, play instruments, sing, and speak to others comfortably.

Who Requires Sealants?

Numerous children fail to brush their teeth deeply. It ultimately results in dental health problems like cavities. Remember, both children and adults can receive dental sealants. Although dentist uses the procedure during childhood, few adults get it later if they had never received it earlier. Thus, people with deep pits or grooves in their teeth are the ideal candidate for the procedure.

The dental sealer works by protecting the highly prone areas from decay by sealing the plaque and food. Protecting molar teeth at an early age minimizes the risk of dental problems later on. This protective material will remain for several years (usually as long as the original tooth stays).

Taking Care of Sealants

When the dentist sets the sealants on the tooth, it needs no specialized dental care. Make sure you use a non-alcoholic and fluoridated mouthwash after brushing. Also, continue flossing daily and brushing your teeth two times daily.

What to Do if the Sealant Does Not Make Me Feel Good?

After the sealant procedure, the patient will experience a bit of discomfort for a while. It is normal. The discomfort can be due to the foreign substance between teeth or the tooth alignment problem. It is essential to call the dentist at Laurelhurst Dentistry if your dental sealant is causing pain or any other discomfort for longer.

What to Avoid After Sealants?

Patients need to refrain from a few food varieties. These include:

  • Sticky, chewy, or hard foods.
  • These include hard candies, caramels, toffees, etc.
  • Restrict the consumption of sugar-based foods.

These foods can collect on your dental sealant and cause oral health problems. Therefore, stick to a healthy diet and fix appointments for regular checkups and dental X-rays.

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