Can You Prevent Dental Emergencies? Tips for Maintaining Good Oral Health

Jun 01, 2023

Impacts on your mouth can cause pain, anxiety, and inconvenience. While preventing accidents is challenging, there are best practices you can adopt to protect your smile from familiar dental emergencies.

Except for accidents, you can prevent most other dental emergencies to lead a stress-free life and prevent a visit to the emergency dentist near me at odd hours of the day or night seeking treatments for unexpected issues. While you cannot avoid an emergency dental visit if you have an accident, you can learn how to maintain good oral health to prevent dental emergencies and safeguard your mouth and finances.

How to Identify Early Warning Signs of Dental Problems and Prevent Emergencies

If you want to identify early warning signs of dental problems to prevent emergencies, your best ally is the dentist in 97214. When you schedule your six-monthly appointment with them, they can identify issues like gum disease early and remove dental plaque hardened tartar, besides giving you a dental cleaning reaching the nooks and corners of your mouth.

During the appointment, the dentist examines your entire oral cavity looking for signs of minor holes on or between your teeth, by taking x-rays to offer prompt treatments to restore your teeth or even reverse the condition. In addition, the dentist will discuss your dietary and lifestyle habits providing tips on how the foods and beverages you have can also impact your teeth to make you need emergency treatments occasionally.

If you are involved in contact sporting activities or cycle around to exercise, dentists suggest wearing a mouthguard to protect your teeth from impacts on your mouth. In addition, if affected by bruxism, causing you to grind and clench your teeth, the dentist suggests wearing night guards to prevent enamel erosion causing damage to your teeth from the problem that makes your teeth sensitive and needs restorative procedures to fix the sensitivity.

You will not find a more excellent ally in your attempt to prevent dental emergencies than the dentist suggested because the tips and suggestions they provide help prevent most dental emergencies which occur due to negligence to leave you with stress and anxiety.

Home Care

The visit to the 97214 dentists continues with the preventive measures you adopt to avoid emergency dental visits. Your oral hygiene regimen also plays an essential role in preventing a dental crisis. Therefore, you must brush twice daily using fluoride toothpaste as the American Dental Association recommended, floss once daily regardless of the time, and use an antiseptic mouthwash to rinse your mouth regularly to keep your oral health pristine. These practices make infections, cracks, and fractures less significant to occur. Therefore, if you keep your dental hygiene regimen in mind and work to complete the entire dental care routine in the morning and night, it helps prevent most dental emergencies.

Your Diet

You may prefer ice-cold beverages, sticky brownies, and mouthwatering candies, but your teeth hate them. Occasionally you can indulge in these foods and drinks. Unfortunately, excessive consumption will result in enamel erosion and severe decay even after completing your dental hygiene regimen immediately. Fortunately, keeping your teeth healthy from the inside out to prevent a visit to the emergency dentist in Portland, OR, preferring a dense nutrient diet full of leafy greens, fresh fruits, and excellent sources of calcium can help you achieve your goal.

Tools Are Better for Open Packages Then Teeth

You might be tempted to use your teeth as tools when the bottle opener is in the kitchen, and the scissors are out of reach. While the package in your hand might be of the utmost importance, one attempt at using your teeth to open the package can make you hear a loud crack, sending you rushing to the Portland emergency dentist to fix your tooth. You can comfortably prevent such occurrences by making an extra effort to protect your teeth and searching for tools instead of using your teeth as substitutes.

Protective Appliances

Impacts on your mouth can occur when least expected to damage your teeth. To prevent such occurrences that might lead to a visit to the dental offices nearby, it helps if you seek a custom-created mouthguard to protect your teeth from unexpected damage that might leave you without a tooth or with significant damage to it. Therefore having a customized dental appliance to protect your teeth proves beneficial and prevents unnecessary expenditure.

Except for accidents, most dental emergencies are preventable using the tips suggested in this article. However, if you want extra protection, you can arrange a meeting with Laurelhurst Dentistry for an examination and cleaning and receive guidance on maintaining good oral health to prevent emergencies.

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