What to do if your Invisalign Aligner is Cutting Your Gums?

Invisalign aligners give you a wonderful teeth-straightening experience as they are practical and cosmetic. However, if you are experiencing any issues with your aligners, you can always complain to our dentists at Laurelhurst Dentistry.

What Are Invisalign Aligners?

Invisalign aligners are clear aligners made by a company called Invisalign. They are for patients who need orthodontic treatments for their teeth. Clear aligners are effective in straightening misaligned or crooked teeth. They also correct bad bites and give you a perfect and healthy smile.

Another interesting fact about Invisalign aligners is their cosmetic attributes. The sets of aligners are transparent, making your teeth look natural, unlike metal braces that are very obvious and tacky on the teeth’ surface. You can get your Invisalign in Portland, Oregon.

Invisalign aligners are also removable. You can remove your aligners whenever you want to eat or drink, but you must ensure you wear them for 22 hours every day. The aligners often come in different sets. You will wear each set for two weeks, and then the patient has to replace it with a new set.

How Can I Get One?

To get an aligner, visit an expert in cosmetic dentistry in Portland. The cosmetic dentist would take correct measurements of your dental structure. However, the aligners might sometimes have some fitting issues, which can be due to manufacturing errors. These missing parts have sharp edges that can injure your gums and cause irritations and pains.

When a patient begins to wear aligners for the first time, they may experience some injuries on the gums while getting used to the aligners. The aligners would start to sit well with time, and you would get used to them soon.

The following tips listed below will inform you how to solve your aligners’ problems.

  1. Reposition your teeth gently. Your Invisalign aligners might be cutting your gums because you didn’t position your teeth the way your orthodontist has recommended. But if the aligners continue to hurt your gums even after wearing them for long and setting your teeth correctly, contact your orthodontist.
  2. Massage the injured areas on the gum with oil ointments. The ointments would soothe the injured area and promote quick recovery.
  3. You can use pain killers to relieve the pain caused by the injured gums. You can ask your dentist for drug prescriptions that are safe and effective.
  4. Use saltwater to rinse your mouth. That would help in disinfecting the bruises and preventing infections. The saltwater would also help to numb the pain. You can get a cup of lukewarm water and dissolve one teaspoon of salt inside it. After the salt has been dissolved into the lukewarm water, continually sip and spit it out after rinsing your mouth. You can repeat the procedure until the pain reduces.
  5. Place a bag of ice on the affected area to reduce the irritation and swelling. You can do this by putting the pack of ice inside a towel. You can then place it on your gums and do it repeatedly for the whole day.
  6. Stay away from hard or crunchy foods that might worsen the injuries. You can take soft foods like mashed potatoes, soup, or yogurt until the injuries heal fully.
  7. You can get a water irrigator if the injuries make it difficult for you to brush or floss. You can use the water irrigator with a brush with soft bristles. When brushing, you should continue pouring the water irrigator to clean the area and prevent more injuries.
  8. You can get a numbing gel from pharmaceutical stores to help reduce the pain. Apply a small amount of the numbing gel on the affected areas.
  9. Always brush your teeth before wearing your Invisalign aligners to get rid of food debris that might cause tartars and irritations in the long run.
  10. Always store or keep your aligners in a safe and clean place to avoid getting damaged or contaminated. You can store them in the case they came with if you do not have a different case for them.
  11. Make sure to clean your aligners. You can brush and floss them with too. Apply fluoride-based toothpaste on the brush, and then brush the aligners thoroughly. You can also rinse your aligners with mouth wash or salt water to keep them clean.
  12. See your dentist in Portland, Oregon, for help. Your orthodontist can help by getting the sharp edges smoothened. You can also get an orthodontic wax that acts as an obstacle between the aligners and your gums. That would prevent the sharp edges on the aligners from brushing through your gums directly.
  13. Contact Invisalign customer care to lodge your complaints.
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