Common Dental Emergencies that Emergency Dentist Portland Treat

A smile is the most beautiful gesture when it comes to humans. A properly aligned healthy set of teeth adds attraction to the smile and makes your face look charming. There could be many dental emergencies that prevent you from smiling. Some of the most prominent examples are gum bleeding, sudden accidents, and bacterial infections.

Sometimes, these infections could be life-threatening and can lead to permanent tooth loss. Once you lost your natural teeth, you will miss your natural smile forever. So, don’t let this come true.

List of Emergencies You May Encounter

Here we are with some of the common dental emergencies and first aid remedies to resolve them with efficacy.

You Injured Your Mouth After Falling

After the age of 10 most probably everyone has their permanent teeth and there are chances for accidents that may result in their loss in accidents. Accidents may happen to you as well as to your kid in both situations. Consult a dentist skilled in emergency dentistry Portland, OR so that you can get immediate treatment for your issues no matter if it is minor or major.

Tooth Knocked Out

There could be incidents in which your tooth may knock out from the socket. If anyone encounters such a situation, just try to put the tooth back to the socket but remember to position it accurately. In case you failed to do that, take a glass of milk and put the tooth into it.

If there is no milk available, put the tooth between the gum and teeth so that it can stay moist. A knocked-out tooth can be placed back to its socket within 30 minutes.

Infection and Pain

Infections are not normal conditions. If you experience something infectious, try to resolve it immediately because it could be the sign of something really serious. Teeth are an important part of eating and digestion. So, keeping them healthy means keeping your whole body in good shape.

Tooth infection indulging with pain could be a sign of severe oral diseases. It’s advised to Google search for an emergency dentist near me if you notice something infectious inside your mouth.


They could be painful and can make your life uncomfortable. Although they can happen because of germs, a good quality mouthwash can make it heal in few days. But in case it doesn’t get healed, it can indicate a severe gum problem. In case you are experiencing a painful sore, the best thing for you would be to see your dentist immediately.

Swelling on Face

It could be very common in case of having a serious dental problem or disease. So, don’t think of ignoring it. Drinking lots of food in this situation is the best solution to keep your body hydrated.

A dental emergency never comes with a fixed date and time. Therefore, you should always be cautious and careful about your dental care. At the time of emergency, don’t delay in contacting dentistry Portland.

Tips to Deal with Dental Urgencies

Important tips that you should follow to escape situations of dental emergencies:

  • You can break your teeth while playing sports and doing any physical activity. If in your daily life routine you have such activities, don’t forget to place a mouth-guard inside your mouth so that you can avoid injuries.
  • Routine check-ups are highly recommended if you want to keep your teeth in good shape or healthy. Develop a habit of seeing your dentist at regular intervals so that you can keep a check on your dental health. You can take all the necessary measures in case you encounter something unpleasant. Keep your dentist’s number with you to call him/her if there is an emergency.
  • The food you eat has its impact on your overall health including your teeth and gums. Thus, be careful and mindful when choosing food. Stay away from sticky and sugary food apart from this stop smoking and drinking because these habits cause immense harm to your dental health.
  • Following a hygienic dental cleaning routine can spare you from getting involved in dental issues. Regular brushing and flossing can stretch the life of your teeth incredibly.

All in all, your teeth are highly important. So, taking care of them should be your priority.

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