5 Dental Emergencies That Require An Emergency Dentist

What is an Emergency Dentistry?

Various cases reported in the emergency room are not attended to and sent back to the dentist’s care, as they usually don’t require immediate assistance. Understanding when to classify an accident as a dental emergency reduces the long queues at the ER. The necessity of urgent medication is crucial as it saves a person from pain or permanent dental damage.

In case the victim does not visit the emergency room, fixing the issue may require expensive surgeries. If you live in Portland and are looking for an immediate dentist, all you need to do is search the keywords “Dentistry Portland OR.” And get connected to a professional from the comfort of your home.

Basic Emergency dentistry Scenarios

    • Mild Toothache

Even though most people sort to take pain killers to relieve the pain, it’s essential to seek medical help anytime tooth pain becomes unbearable. The condition could arise from a tooth infection and areas surrounding it or a decay that needs extraction. A simple problem could result from difficulty in chewing or drinking liquids and later on cause ear pain.

Therefore, any irresistible toothache must require immediate treatment. As you book an appointment with an emergency dentist near me”, you could carry out a quick first aid to relieve the pain. One should place a cold material on the painful region’s outer cheek, swallow pain relievers, and salty goggle water to curb the spread of infection.

    • A knocked-out tooth

When playing baseball and a friend of you accidentally knocks you out with a bat, and your tooth falls off, don’t panic. Just goggle some salty water to spit out the blood and prevent any infection on the freshly exposed gum. Ask your friend to help you find the tooth and rinse it on running water, do not wipe it on any surface.

Gently place the tooth crown side on the gum for a few seconds often. Then get yourself an appointment with any dentist near you! A simple online search like “dentist near me” can hook you up with a certified medic near you to reconnected your tooth back to the gum.

A chipped or broken tooth: When chewing and a piece of your tooth falls off, and you’re in pain, don’t be worried. Re-attachment is an easy process as long as you call for help immediately. The broken tooth suggests internal damage to the tooth, such as decay or an infection. The dentist could conduct some tests and advise whether it’s necessary to extract the tooth or only sharpening is essential.

A root canal may be performed instead of extraction after completing an X-ray and understanding if the tooth’s soft tissue is affected. One should rinse their mouth with warm water, and if there is any pain, taking a pain reliever and applying pressure to the cheek could be of assistance.

    • Oral Bleeding

When experiencing internal bleeding on the gums or tongue and lips, it may not necessarily need you to seek immediate help. Still, it’s vital to get stitched up earlier to avoid infection. Bleeding gums could mean that dental cleaning is crucial, or the victim is suffering from gingivitis.

    • Objects on the tooth

Many people, including children, use their teeth to bite all sorts of things, like opening a bottle orbiting a nail or even a broken tooth floss in between the teeth. Immediate action for this problem would be trying to get the object out with a string of floss.

If it doesn’t work, don’t try other methods. Avoid using needles or ball pens to try to get the thing out. Call up any emergency dentist near you and book an appointment soon. The earlier the object is extracted, the safer you are from the spread of infection.

Dental emergencies are inevitable. We, therefore, need to be prepared for them by ensuring we have a first aid kit for dental emergencies and a contact of an immediate dentist. You could obtain contacts of a dentist by searching for ‘Dentistry Portland OR’. Like any other body organ, we should be cautious with our teeth as they brighten our smiles. Prepare yourself to fight dentistry emergencies and contact one of the well-trained officers in phoenix!

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